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Portuguese Cork Products

Our cork is sustainably harvested in Alentejo, Portugal by experienced farmers and made from the leftover cork wine stopper scraps. Double layered for durability, it's an eco-friendly way to protect your table from heat and messy eaters.

Asked Questions

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Our cork is sustainably harvested in the Alentejo area of Portugal by skilled experts. Most of the raw material is used to make cork stoppers for wine, before the waste trimmings are reprocessed into sheets. We smoke one layer in a natural process to give it the darker colour. At our Portuguese producer, we combine two layers of sheets, cut into our unique shapes for our final product.

Yes our cork products are made 100% from recycled cork and are biodegradable.

Given the process of how it's harvested, it does not contribute to deforestation and self regenerates.

Cork is a naturally heat and bacteria resistant material, which makes caring for it very easy. Simply give it a wipe down with warm water and a gentle detergent after use and dry after.

Make sure to leave in them in a dry environment to ensure that mold does not develop and the shapes do not change.

Our pieces are double sided and reversible, with a lighter and darker side depending on how you would like to style your table.

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How it’s Made

Our pieces are expertly made by skilled producers in countries where traditional techniques have been refined over the centuries. We respect the history and culture behind the process in creating the quality to last a lifetime.

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