Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)
Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)
Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)
Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)
Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)
Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)


Cork Bundle (12 Piece Set)

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Our whole line comes reversible, with a light organic cork layer and dark smoked cork layer. Versatile and durable, dress up dinners when you need to impress or just have a quick family get-together over lunch. Our bundle serves a 4 person table setting.


  • Locally harvested in Alentejo, Portugal
  • Crafted from leftover cork scraps from wine stoppers
  • Anti-bacterial, water resistant & thermal insulating
  • Double layered for improved durability
  • Dark cork coloured through a natural smoking process
  • Bundle contains 4 x placemats, 4 x hotplates, 4x coasters


  • Hand wash with mild liquid detergent or simply use a moist cloth.
  • Wipe spills and dry immediately to prevent watermarks.
  • Air dry and store in non-humid environments away from direct sunlight to prevent mold and aging.


• Standard delivery in 3-5 business days

• Standard shipping: £10 (Free on orders above £169 EUR)

• 30 day return & exchange window

• Defects are replaced free of charge

• VAT & duty free - ships from UK


• 1 tree planted every £50 spent.

• 100% recyclable packaging.

• Sustainably harvested and crafted from cork scraps.


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About This Collection


Our cork collection is sustainably harvested by experienced farmers in Portugal and crafted from leftover cork scraps.



Cork is naturally anti-bacterial and water resistant, making it both sanitary and easy to clean.


We donate a portion of our sales to reforestation. Learn more about our sustainability promise.

Designed in Berlin.
Sustainably harvested in Portugal.


Our cork is sustainably harvested in Alentejo, Portugal by experienced farmers and made from the leftover cork wine stopper scraps. The harvest is done entirely manually by experts (the descortiçadores) to prevent damage to the tree. Each tree lives for over 300 years, can only be first harvested after 25 years, and re-harvested once every 9 years. The first materials from each harvest is shipped out to create wine stoppers. At our family owned production partner in Northern Portugal, the remaining scraps are given a new life and made into our versatile cork collection.


Cork is not only environmentally friendly , but also naturally anti-bacterial and water resistant. This makes it the perfect material to be used on your dining table, protecting the surface from heat and messy eaters. It's easy to clean, food safe, and very durable. We've double layered the material to improve the durability even further so you can rest assured that your favorite table stays safe and sound.


In order to combat unnecessary waste, we limit our pieces to be produced in smaller batches. This allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and to give more care and love to each item. Your favourite pieces may out of stock or only available for pre-order for an extended period of time, but just know that your patience is contributing to a greener planet.

(P.S - We always sell out so reserve your pieces early!)