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The Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktop (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

21 February, 23

If you have a large family or owning your restaurant, choosing a 6 burner gas cooktop becomes more difficult when you have to take into consideration many factors. When it comes to a professional gas cooktops, the most concern is about the time consuming, it is for sure that you can not cook for a large family with one burner. Therefore, the most suitable choice for you is a 6 burner gas cooktop, which is both energy and time saving. There are many types of gas cooktops for professional and commercial use with a variety of features, which confuse the consumer when making a decision. So, in this article, we will talk about what you need when choosing the best 6 burner gas cooktop.

How do the Gas Cooktops Work?

The gas cooktops use an electronic ignition system which creates the flame when you turn the burner on. The power of the gas burners is commonly adjusted by a knob which controls the amount of gas released for controlling the power of the flame.

The Benefit of Using a 6 Burner Gas Cooktops

Better cooktops control

Unlike the electric burners which require a significant amount of time for warming up, the gas burners instant provide the heat for cooking. Many commercials come with the 6 burner gas cooktops due to its rapid changes in heat, which is a must-need in some special dishes.

Unaffected by power cuts

In the summer, when the electricity is highly consumed, the government has applied some electricity cuts for managing energy consumption, in this case, 6 burner gas cooktops come as a great solution. Although the electricity is needed to power the electric ignition system, it can be charged by a battery or even you can manually light the burner by a lighter or a match.

Not require a special pan or pot

Do you know that if you use an electric cooktop, you have to change all of your pans or pots which are workable on electric cooktops? These pans or pots are usually made with the special material which allows the electricity to come through, so it is extremely expensive. But, with the 6 burner gas cooktops, you can use any types of pans, pots and whether it is flat or not flat.

List of 6 Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktop Reviews

1. ZLINE 36 in. Professional 4.6 cu. ft. 6 Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range in Stainless Steel

The first product in our list is one with the most budget-friendly price but high-end appearance – one product from ZLINE.

This model comes with two sizes 30 inches and 36 inches for the user to choose. It is included with 6 burners which are sealed. These burners are imported from Italy which is considered as one of the best burners worldwide with the modern look and high durability.

This six burner gas cooktop will please any demand of the chef or housewife when it comes with a variety of cooking functions. It includes one dual work at 18.000 BTU, two rapid burners at 13.000 BTU, one semi-rapid burner at 8.500 BTU and one auxiliary burner at 4.200 BTU. Just look at the above number, we can see the flexibility of this gas cooktop.

Furthermore, the solid cast iron grill of this model is perfectly designed with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio which can hold the heavy pans and pots. This grill is a single piece made it easier for the user to clean.

Overall, with half-price lesser than the common high-end gas cooktops in the market, this LINE Drop-in Cooktop with 6 Gas Burners is worthy to own.

2. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners 36 – Inch

You own a large family or a crowded kitchen which require high-performance gas cooktops. This professional product is a perfect choice for you.

Invented by Thor Kitchen – a kitchen appliance brand with many years of experience in providing first-class design and high tech product, this Thor Kitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners ensures to suit your demand in both design and cooking capacity.

Six sealed burners with the capacity range from 12.000 BTU to 18.000 BTU fasten the cooking time with the power flame (3 medium burner and 3 wok burners). However, it means that you will get some trouble when it comes to the dishes which require a low temperature for a long time such as simmering or melting chocolate.

This heavy construction model may be a great investment when it is extremely durable. The control knob with a suitable size is made of alloy zinc, the stainless steel control panel, and a heavy cast iron grate. All the above factors made this model suit a high frequent use.

In terms of safety, the blue LED light indicator is included. This light will turn on when the burner is on. Therefore, it will help you define whether the knob is turned on or not.

3. SDADI Kitchen Gas Cooktop 36″ Stainless Steel Range top with 1 Dual Burner for Simmer NG/LPG

SDADI is a popular name in kitchen appliances with great customer care and support.

This 36 inch gas cooktop from SDADI is a reliable, high performance product which is not suitable for home kitchen but also commercial kitchen with high frequent use.

The six burners are all sealed to protect from food dropping into. There are 2 18.000 BTU burners at the front, three 12.000 BTU burners at the right rear and one simmer burner.

The cooking grates are connected with three parts allowing the moving of pans around easily. These grates are made of heavy cast iron for the heaviest pans with food. We have tested by putting on three 10 inch pots with full water at the same time but it is totally ok with this model.

4. Empava Slide-in Natural Gas Rangetop with 6 Burners

This professional gas cooktops is designed for commercial use with high performance and durability. Therefore, it ensures for a high quality and reliability and long-lasting.

The EMPV-36GC31 gas cooktop offers you flexibility you need to make all your favorite dishes with precision. Come with 6 versatile burner sizes, two single 18000-BTU burners, three single 12000-BTU burners, a dual ring 15000-BTU burner. The dual ring burners are set with two ring levels: one level for cooking with high temperature with power flame at 15.000 BTU and one level for simmering with low and less power flame at 650 BTU.

The black porcelain drip pan and the continuous cast iron cooking grates make the cooking task and cleaning task easier. You can easily lift the grates out and clean it or put it into the washdisher. Beside, the heavy construction grates allow the user to slide heavy pans across without cracking overtime.

5. Kitchenaid KGCU483VSS Commercial-Style Gas Cooktop

This commercial 6 burner gas cooktops is a perfect choice for commercial use with large and heavy pans and pots.

Coming with two 20.000 BTU Ultra Power Dual Flame Burners, this gas cooktops expands your capacity with a gas cooktops. Beside, it contains 5,000 BTU Simmer & Melt Burner for simmering at low temperature.

All the grates are made of heavy metal which ensures the heaviest pans to stand on. The grates are porcelain coated for a great look and durable over time. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher friendly, therefore, you do not need to spend too much time on cleaning.

The product offers the user with an Chrome-Infused Electric Griddle for a quick preheating. The smooth, recessed surface assists your technique, making it easy to flip even delicate foods, and provides plenty of room to cook for a crowd.

Although this product is quite expensive, it comes with a conversion kit for LP gas support without extra price.

6. Bosch PCT9A5B90A

Are you looking for a luxury appearance but budget friendly for your kitchen? How about this Bosch PCT9A5B90A with 6 burners.

This 6 burner gas cooktop has an appealing and modern look with stainless steel which can make your kitchen outstanding. It comes with 6 burners but does not give us a feeling of overcrowding.

About the cooking performance of this model, it comes with 6 burners including 1 High-speed, 2 Standard, 1 Economy, 2 Dual Wok burners. These burners are sealed and highly performance. However, we have tested and found it difficult to use all six burners to cook at the same time, unless you use a small pot. But it is ok if you set three burners at the front at the same time no matter how big it is.

A special feature of this product is the use of FlameSelect technology from Bosch. This technology enables the use to precisely control the flame size from level 1 to level 9 for multipurpose cooking.

Like the others, this model originally works on natural gas and uses a conversion kit for supporting the LP gas.

What Should Consider When Choosing a Professional 6 Burner Gas Cooktops

Layout of burners

As important as picking the right size, choosing one which has a good layout could change your cooking time experience from hell to heaven. So, how to know what is a good layout? Keep in mind the following tips when looking for a burner layout:

  1. Choose one with a layout which you do not have to reach over one burner to get to the other
  2. The simmer burner should lie behind the larger or wok burners due to you have less contact with it
  3. A wok burner should be placed on your right side, where is easy to access
  4. The burner should be the indifferent size for different size of pans or pots


Most of the 6 burner gas cooktops come with the control knobs. These knobs should be positioned at a suitable place, for example, not too close with the trivets or burners which can be heated or make your hand get hot when touching. In addition, the knob should be made of durable material, because it is the common use.

Trivets or Grates

The trivets also called the pan supports is a necessary part of gas cooktops. It is for keeping the pans or pot stable in the burners when stirring. The most common one in gas cooktops is heavy cast iron trivets which are durable. Avoid choosing one with the stainless steel trivets because it is easier to get a stain.

When choosing a 6 burner gas cooktop for commercial purpose in a restaurant, it is better for coming with a continuous grate instead of trivet. With a connected grate, you can easily slide across the pans and pots without lifting it.


Most commercial or professional gas cooktops come with a griddle. This is a flat surface made of cast iron, stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, or aluminum which allows the chef to directly fry or stir-fry food such as salmon, egg,…

The flame failure system – one of the most important and must-have in a 6 burner gas cooktop

While the 6 burner gas cooktop is a great solution for a large family and commercial use by its instant heat change, safety is one of the biggest concerns which discourages homeowners to make a gas cooktop purchase in the past. However, now, safety is not a problem to gas cooktop when it always comes with a flame failure system.

What is the flame failure system?

The flame failure system is a device which will shut down the gas in case there is no flame detected.

How does the flame failure system (FFS) work?

There are three principles at work in a flame failure valve.

- One is the thermocouple which generates milivoltage.

- The other is the electromagnetic coil within the valve, which holds the valve open or allows it to shut if there is no kilovoltage.

- Third component is the valve itself

When the FFS activates, it will stop the gas flow to the burner until it is reseted manually.


A 6 burner gas cooktop may not come with a gorgeous design and many additional features as the small gas cooktops when its price is higher and it focuses more on the high performance. Our top choice from the above list for commercial use is KitchenAid® 48” 6-Burner Commercial-Style Gas Rangetop with Griddle when it offers a high performance burner, high durability and support for flexible use. We hope that you also have your own pick after reading this article. If you wanna further discuss with our expert, do not hesitate to contact us.


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