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21 Best Food Scales with Calories (2023 Updated)

14 February, 23

For your average home cook, a food scale with calories might seem like a different non-essential gadget intended to take your cash and clutter your cupboards. However, actually, the reverse is true. A food scale with calories not only provides you the most precise measurements but also removes the requirement for the many measuring cups carrying more than your kitchen drawers. After hours of testing, we have decided on the ideal food scales to purchase.

Adding a food scale to your meal prep regimen will be able to help you accurately monitor calories and macronutrients. A food scale with calories may also be utilized as a training tool for practicing portion control and comprehending your preferred portion sizes for various food groups. Choosing the best food scale with calories might help enhance your meal prep regularly and let you attain your wellbeing and fitness objectives.

List Of 21 Best Food Scales With Calories Reviews

1. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

If you’re searching for a simple food scale to consider simple things like entire produce, nuts, or other components, this scale from Amazon will do precisely that. The tare button subtracts the container weight to zero, which means you get a precise measurement each moment. The angled screen makes for simple reading also comes in handy when weighing larger items.

On the downside, this scale turns off after two minutes, requiring one to turn it forth. The metal surface isn’t removable, which might become a problem for cleaning up ingredients like oils, pasta, or legumes. Weighing bigger items would probably call for a bowl due to the small size of this metallic surface. In general, this food scale with calories will work well for many home cooks, and you can not beat the price.

2. OXO Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale assesses each of the boxes: precision, layout, streamlined, a user-friendly interface, ease of cleanup, readability, and also a massive stage. The innovative design includes a pull-out backlit digital display for simple, clean reading. The screen pulls away in the foundation and tucks back into simple storage. This feature also eliminates shadows due to bigger bowls, which may block the view of the screen.

This OXO scale is more user-friendly with two simple buttons: a power switch which doubles as a zero purpose, which clears the scale involving readings; along with a device conversion button that toggles between ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. The screen also comes with a maximum weight capacity index icon.

This scale stainless steel system is fingerprint-resistant and removable for simple cleaning. The OXO Good Grips food scale weighs up foods to 11 lbs at 0.1-ounce increments and operates on four AAA batteries. This scale measures 11.3 x 8.5 x 1.9 inches and weighs just under two lbs.

3. INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale

The INEVIFIT digital kitchen scale is a streamlined, battery-powered scale that comes with all the features you want to correctly weigh your meals.

It sports a backlit LCD screen with five-unit configurations, such as grams, pounds, ounces, and milliliters. The weight stage is created of stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to wash.

It has a maximum weight limit of 13 lbs (6 kg) and can be small enough to keep in a drawer or cabinet if you are short on counter space. Additionally, it has a handy automatic turnoff attribute to help optimize battery life.

4. Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Virtually every significant product inspection book has rated this workhorse as a leading performer, and it has racked up over 2,000 enthusiastic write-ups on Amazon.

The electronic interface is simple to use (two buttons!). And simple to wash, and also a drip guard keeps the screen shielded. All around, it is solid.

5. Easy@Home Digital Food Kitchen Scale

If you’d like a wise food scale with calories for the entire household, the Easy@Home ENC203 supports up to 12 consumers and contains unlimited entrances. You could even assess your progress over time as a result of the journal tracking feature, which charts nutrients daily as well as the year.

Together with the corresponding nutrition calculator program, the wise food scale monitors protein, carbohydrates, fats, and carbs together with dietary fiber, potassium, and sodium. Bluetooth Smart technology makes it effortless to connect your iOS or Android apparatus.

Whether you are following a particular diet, like a keto diet plan, or else you are typically trying to eat healthily, the program displays detailed nutrient information for almost 1,000 pre-cooked foods. Other perks include automatically closed along with an industrial tare/zero function.

6. Etekcity Food Kitchen Bowl Scale

The Etekcity 11lb/5kg multifunctional digital kitchen scale simplifies how that you prepare your foods through a thoughtful and functional layout. It sports a removable bowl for simpler portioning, mixing components, and speedy quantity dimensions.

Conserve energy via the efficacy of automatic measurement and quick unit conversion. The food scale with calories may measure ingredients and items in pounds, ounces, grams, milliliters, and circulation oz. The electronic scale also includes preset water and milk measurement mode that requires the density of the liquid into consideration so as to calculate reliable results with every usage.

The removable bowl layout makes the scale simple to wash, setup, and save with no frustration of swallowing too much energy and space. When not being used, just wash the bowl and then turn it upside down to this to behave as a space-efficient protective cap to your digital scale when it’s stored.

7. Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

The Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Weight Scale boasts over 7,000 five-star testimonials from Amazon users pleased with the scale design and functionality.

It permits you to choose between a variety of weighing components, such as grams, pounds, and milliliters, and it comprises laminated buttons to guarantee accidental spills are not an issue.

The stainless steel finish adds a touch of class to any kitchen countertops, while the inner, high-precision detectors ensure you are always correctly measuring your food things.

8. Mackie Food Scale, Digital Kitchen Scale Nutrition Portions Easy Automatic Calorie

The electronic scale is the most exact food scale using a proprietary nutritional supplement calculator and Macros calculator we create choosing a wholesome snack and diet simple!

Wish to learn the calories on your Keto snack or recipe, smoothie, blender, or food processor? Utilize digital food scale with calories to discover. Losing weight quickly using our calorie calculator has never been simpler.

We reveal everything that’s on your own foods and provide you running totals of nutritional values daily. This makes it possible to become healthy, losing weight quickly and easily!

Automatically measures, screens, and monitors that your calorie intake, carbohydrate, sodium, fat, cholesterol, protein, and fiber intake. Ranked #1 best food scale with calories, how do you really wish to diet? Purchase right now and enjoy your kitchen scale.

9. Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl

Having a capacity of around 11lb (5kg), the food scale with calories may take on the function of your assistant chef, which means that you can enjoy the leisure of optimizing your kitchen crafts together with efficacy and quality. The high-precision pressure gauge sensors ensure accuracy every time you add a component into your foods with minimal graduation of 0.1ounce (1g).

Aesthetics shouldn’t compromise quality. The stainless steel scale guarantees a long lifetime in a high value whilst complimenting the kitchen decoration with a contemporary form. The 2.15L bowl is removable not just for effortless storage and cleaning but for the flexibility of this scale itself.

Use other containers and bowls within the capability to better fit your requirements, regardless of what your cooking requirements for. Just remove the bowl and then garnish together with ease to quantify smaller components directly on the scale. Quantify what you need, how that you desire.

10. Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale

This exact food scale with calories steps in ounce or g in increments as minute as 0.1 oz or one g. For counting macros, you will also love the built-in database using nutrient data for as much as 2,000 meals, adding up to 99 custom entrances for saving your favorite foods.

You can even compute daily totals with this specific food scale with calories. This highly ranked scale includes a tare function, a backlit LCD screen, an 11-pound highest capability, and it includes three AAA batteries.

11. Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

Proudly chosen by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to get a Harvard Medical School research on the connection between weight loss and the prevention of breast cancer, the newest Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale by Ozeri is an uncompromising multifunction scale to your kitchen and house.

The Pronto is constructed with the most recent creation in detector technology to guarantee a precise and instantaneous reaction for its fast-paced chef and includes a recently expanded weighing platform – among the greatest in its course, to accommodate bigger bowls and food things.

Elegantly designed with a tasteful end, the Pronto also doubles as a stamp system for your email or a scale to your kids’ science projects. The best companion to the serious cook, the Pronto’s big Unit button enables you to change the unit of measurement with push-button simplicity, with 5 distinct units to pick from (g, lbs, lbs: oz, ounce, chopped).

The Pronto runs on two AAA batteries (included) using an easy-access battery compartment, along with a 2-minute automated power-off to conserve battery life. Additionally, it ships with a bonus pair of batteries and can be ensured by Ozeri’s No-Hassle Warranty.

12. Kitchen Scale – Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

We were searching for a food scale with calories that might be used for baking purposes, and this version had a number of their best reviews on the market. The size can be fairly large, and it’s a large weighing capability which makes it convenient if we are baking bread in massive amounts.

Another characteristic we love is that it permits us to tweak the recipes to bring a personal touch, and we could even scale the amount by simply moving it up or down. This portion function makes it ideal for bread making in addition to soapmaking.

Moreover, we have not faced any challenges with cleanup this food scale with calories; we need to lift the stainless steel weighing platform for draining it. Additionally, it has a detachable plastic cover that helps to defend the port when it is stored off and the buttons can also be laminated properly offering more protection against food crumbs, baking debris, and cooking oil.

13. GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

Between the plan and quality, this kitchen is going to continue and operate to an impeccable degree. Your cooking only got ten times easier!

All the qualities you desire and expect in a kitchen food scale with calories: readings to the g, an eleven-pound capability, along with an abysmal screen. What more could you desire?

Don’t allow the kitchen accessories to cramp your style simplistic, contemporary design of the scale fits right in with the decor of almost any trendy space. Go right ahead and leave it to the counter; it demonstrates you care about your kitchen.

Friendly staff in St. Louis are business pros at the ready to help you with any queries which may arise about your own kitchen scale. We enjoy our work and would like you to have a fantastic experience from start to end.

14. Taylor Precision TE10FT 11-Pound Compact Digital Portion Control Scale

Weigh Many Different foods from the kitchen using the Taylor Precision Products Digital Portion Control Scale (11-Pound). Portion meals by weight for this streamlined electronic scale.

Weigh numerous ingredients and foods, in containers, together with the tare and maintain functions. Measuring around 11 lbs at .01-ounce increments, obviously read weights onto the big 0.9-inch LCD screen.

Easily get rid of the 5.4-inch square stainless steel food scale with calories system for cleanup. Power the food scale together with an included AC adapter or two AAA batteries (sold separately).

15. LEM Products 1167 Stainless Steel Digital Scale

Stainless Steel Digital Scale blurs the lines between a bodyweight scale along with a food scale. The broad, food-grade stainless steel surface provides the flexibility to consider all of your kitchen needs, from hearty baskets of chili to hefty slabs of beef. This streamlined scale masters large and small occupations, weighing anything in 0.5 lbs all of the ways around 330 lbs, in 0.1-pound increments.

The LEM scale includes a different digital readout with easy-to-read outcomes. This is useful when working from a recipe on the opposite side of this counter. This UL-approved food scale with calories includes a tare function to compute net weight, together with a PCS feature, which counts person bits based on weight, which can be helpful when creating recipes such as chicken nuggets. Also, the scale style button enables users to change between ounces, pounds, and kilograms.

Offering a minimalist design, the LEM 330 pounds. Stainless Steel Digital Scale measures 10.5 x 10.5 inches and can be powered by the enclosed 9-volt battery or the 110-volt power cable. After five minutes of usage, the device automatically powers down. For effortless cleaning, this scale could be wiped down with a moist cloth and mild detergent.

16. Nicewell Food Scale Digital Weight

Nicewell’s digital food scale includes a sleek yet functional design that is guaranteed to fulfill all your baking and cooking needs. This food scale with calories includes a 22-pound (10-kg) weight limitation, which can be considerably higher than other comparable models. Additionally, it includes an extra-large weight platform for extra convenience.

Despite its surface area and higher weight capacity, it is remarkably slim and easy to store and transfer. The weight platform consists of tempered glass for simple cleaning, and the food scale with calories includes five-unit choices for measuring many different foods.

The Nicewell digital scale is battery-powered and will automatically switch off after 120 minutes to help optimize battery life. Additionally, it is equipped with a feature that will alert you if your battery is running low or you have surpassed the weight capability.

17. RENPHO Digital Food Scale

The RENPHO is a multi-use food scale with calories that measures java, nutrition, and kitchen things. Better still, it is simple to take your wellness and nourishment to your hands with this app-controlled scale.

The program performs a vast selection of functions, such as providing you with nutrient information to your favorite foods while letting you keep tabs on your foods and store nutrient logs.

A coffee kettle function not only lets you measure out java, but you might also observe the ratio between the water and java beans. This wise kitchen also correctly measures food and may convert things to oz, grams, milliliters, and fluid ounce. A tare function resets the weight to zero.

18. OXO 11212400 Good Grips 6 Lb Precision Coffee Scale

Truth is the key to enhance baking and coffee-making, and with all the OXO good grips 6 pounds precision scale with timer, so you can bake your cake and then craft the Coffee to go with it also. Get split-second accuracy with dimensions from 0. 5 gram upward to 0. 1-Gram periods; weigh in grams, ounces, and pounds while the zero purpose tares the food scale with calories so it is possible to add more ingredients without breaking the stride.

The electronic display is easy to read, while the scale itself is sleek and streamlined, for convenient storage. The built-in timer is optimized for pour-over Coffee, automobile darkening conserves battery life but is readily disabled as you use the timer. The sleek, flat surface is easy to wipe clean, and also the included non-metallic silicone mat protects the scale from scratches and heat.

19. Digital Kitchen Scale Digital Weight Grams and Ounces

With its sleek, stainless steel finish, this kitchen range in the Greater Goods Store will look good on any kitchen countertops and is quite simple to wash. The rectangular-style food scale with calories offers precision weighing each moment, and this alternative sports a long-term LCD screen with easy-to-read digital amounts to avoid any errors during usage.

The massive plate dimensions make it good for carvings measuring, and it is easy to navigate thanks to both marked buttons on both sides of the LCD display. Four precision detectors inside guarantee accuracy when weighing and also the scale calibrates automatically making it rather simple to use.

20. EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale

The EatSmart digital nourishment scale examines the nutrient content of any food by portion size and has been created by an unparalleled team of health care professionals. The database stores The nutrient values for about 1, 000 foods, that are carefully chosen to signify new, whole foods Americans consume.

The food scale with calories will immediately compute the next cardiovascular nutrients necessary for total well-being: calories, carbohydrates, fiber, sodium, magnesium, potassium, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, cholesterol, protein, and vitamin K.

This scale was extensively researched and analyzed by dietitians and nutritionists nationally. Moreover, the EatSmart nourishment scale has been recently named among the best resources for carbohydrate counting and handling diabetes. Get yours now!

21. Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale

This food scale with calories has many innovative features that will make tracking your everyday intake easier, including the ability to sync fitness programs, Bluetooth capability, accessibility to the nutrient data of over 270,000 meals, and a handy recorder scanner (that pulls data from a USDA database).

Employing the VeSync program, the food journal feature is suitable for maintaining a log. This scale has a tare function and steps in grams, ounces, pounds with oz, and milliliters in increments of .04 oz or one g. Its maximum capacity is 11 lbs.

Buying Guide for the Best Food Scales With Calories

Weight and Size

While smaller components are more mobile, they lack flexibility for bigger portion sizes. Consider what you will be weighing and be certain that the weight capacity and foundation are big enough to match the desirable foods and parts.


A device conversion button is useful when a recipe’s parts are not on your unit of selection. Save yourself the emotional math-and also the push of a button to convert a dimension to the unit.

A tare function lets users consider messier components in a container when calculating the component’s internet weight without the container. As a bonus, a few food scales also offer nutritional data and supply a compatible program for keeping a food journal.


The electronic screen – or analog to the old school fans-should feature big, sharp, and clear text. For the best visibility, then elect for a pull-out screen.

Ease of Cleaning

Any surface that comes in direct contact with food has to be sanitized. Elect for versions that are watertight or incorporate a removable platform for simple cleaning. Furthermore, prevent designs with indentations or stylistic grooves since they can trap water and food, causing bacteria to form.


Imagine adding your favorite foods into your kitchen and having the ability to observe essentials such as fat, calories, carbohydrates, and other nutritional advice. Smart food scales not just help weigh components, but they also come in handy for people on a diet or that have particular nutritional requirements. You are able to produce full nutritional profiles for your favorite meals to remain on track with your healthy way of life.

Food scales with calories can create tasks such as cooking, baking, portioning, and nutrition tracking easier and more precisely. A number of affordable and practical food scales are readily available. Before choosing the best food scale with calories, think about how you want on using it, your finances, and which attributes are most attractive to you.


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