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How Does Self Sharpening Cutlery Work?

11 January, 23

Self sharpening cutlery is a unique set of knives, scissors and other utensils that have been designed with an embedded element to keep them extra sharp after it has been used. This type of cutlery has become popular in recent years as it eliminates the need to sharpen the blades frequently. This article will explain how self sharpening cutlery works and some of the advantages it offers.

When it comes to self sharpening cutlery, the blade is usually set between two metal plates which are covered with a type of abrasive material or "abrasive films". As you pull your knife or scissors across these surfaces, they create tiny abrasions on the blade which in turn realigns and strengthens its edges. The abrasives also help keep dirt, food particles and oil away from your blades so they remain clean and maintain their cutting power. Over time, these oxidation layers can be replaced using special knife sharpeners or sandpaper for metal blades such as scissors and knives.

One of the main benefits of self sharpening cutlery is that you don't have to constantly be re-sharpening your knives as often as other types of knives require. Through regular use and maintenance, you can get a consistently great edge on all your kitchen utensils without worrying about keeping them extra sharp prior to use. Additionally, since self sharpening cutlery does not require frequent maintenance, it will become increasingly more affordable over time since there won't be any added costs for regular maintenance or supplies for keeping up with the edges on your knives or scissors. 

Self-Sharpening Cutlery

Self-sharpening cutlery offers an innovative and convenient way to keep your knives and other cutlery sharp. This type of cutlery includes a durable, protective sheath that is connected to the knife handle. This sheath contains a built-in ceramic sharpening mechanism that will sharpen the blade every time the knife is taken out of the sheath and put back in.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at how self-sharpening cutlery works and why it is becoming more popular: 


Cutlery is an essential accompaniment to meals. In the past, cutlery required sharpening regularly in order to maintain its condition and efficiency. However, advances in technology have now made it possible for you to enjoy self-sharpening cutlery– eliminating the hassle of sharpening regularly.

Self-Sharpening Cutlery is a modern kitchen tool that keeps itself sharp while you’re using it. Many sets come with built-in honing systems, creating an effortless glide as you work with your knife set. Some models come with angled blocks that flatten and sharpen the blade every time you place a knife back into its slot – while others feature ceramic rods hidden inside the block, so all a user must do is draw each knife through the honing slot. Having self-sharpening cutlery can save time and effort in comparison to traditional sharpening options – making them an ideal solution for busy kitchens.

Whether you’re shopping for high-end restaurant quality or just everyday use in your own home, self-sharpening cutlery can give your knives the perfect edge and help keep them performing optimally for years to come – all with minimal effort on your part! 

How Does It Work?

Self-sharpening cutlery, such as the popular Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 6-piece Cutlery Set, automatically sharpens blades each time you pull out a knife from the block. This system utilizes a combination of sharpeners and diamond-honed blades to ensure that your knives remain in optimal working order over time.

The block is equipped with built-in ceramic sharpeners that align the blades every time they’re inserted and removed; these gradually hone them during regular use. The real innovation, however, comes in the form of carbide steel edges that have diamond chips embedded within them – a process known as diamond sharpening. As you use your knife, it progressively grinds away at these edges each time it enters or leaves its sheath in the storage block. This process slowly but effectively sharpens your knives over extended periods of use while protecting them from becoming overly blunted or damaged from traditional steel sharpeners – a common problem for many households. 


Self-sharpening cutlery is a great solution for those who want to continue enjoying the convenience of pre-sharpened cutlery without having to continually sharpen the blades themselves. Not only does it save time and effort, but self-sharpening cutlery also offers a variety of benefits. Let's dive into the details: 

Long-Lasting Sharpness

Self-sharpening cutlery has a special storage block with built-in sharpening mechanisms for maintaining a long-lasting sharpness. This type of technology delivers automatic and precise sharpening of the cutlery blades with every use. As you pull the knives out to use them, fine ceramic rods are exposed to gently sharpen the blades while they are in motion.

Additionally, honing rods can be used to maintain an even sharper edge before you start cutting, slicing and dicing.

When you put the knives away in the storage block, they return to their normal position against the honing rod so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed. The dual-position mechanism allows users to maintain consistent knife angle when both retrieving and replacing the knife in its slot. The storage block is usually made from wood materials such as oak, walnut or bamboo for a classic look and feel.

By continually sharpening your knives each time you pull them out and put them away, self-sharpening cutlery engages cutting edges on both sides of the blade simultaneously in order to maintain consistently efficient and quick cutting performance without having to frequently sharpen them manually or take them to a professional blade maintenance specialist for advanced maintenance or rejuvenation services.

Easy Maintenance

Self-sharpening cutlery is a great choice for busy, time-starved people who are looking to cut down on kitchen maintenance. Rather than spending time sharpening knives or honing your kitchen shears, these items sharpen themselves every time you remove them from the block set, making for a cleaner and simpler kitchen experience.

Blades are designed to stay sharper for longer and automatically finesse their edges with every use; guaranteeing precise slicing and dicing jobs each time you require them. As such, this type of cutlery is ideal if you value efficiency and convenience in the kitchen. 


Self-sharpening cutlery is a convenient way to keep your knives sharp and always ready to use. However, there are some drawbacks to using this type of cutlery.

  1. One major drawback is that the sharpening process can dull the blade over time due to the friction of the abrasive material, which can eventually lead to the blade needing to be replaced.
  2. Another downside is the cost associated with these sets, as they can be more expensive than regular cutlery.

Let's take a deeper look into the drawbacks of using self-sharpening cutlery


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Limited Availability

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Self-sharpening cutlery is an affordable, convenient and hassle-free way to keep a sharp edge on your knives. They cost less than many traditional knives and their precision guarantee makes them well suited for home use.

There are many different types available and the best choice depends on your individual needs. The storage block acts both as an attractive display and an effective way to store the knife safely when not in use. The wider base adds extra stability and support for more stability when cutting tougher foods.

Using self-sharpening cutlery is as easy as it gets:

  1. Simply slide the knife into its slot in the storage block.
  2. Align it with the blade gripper for sharpening.
  3. Release it to sharpen.
  4. Remove the blade when you’re done.

In less than a minute you’ll have a perfectly sharpened blade ready for use again – no fuss, no mess!



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