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Where is ChipAway Cutlery Made?

11 January, 23

ChipAway Cutlery is a domestic US manufacturer of quality cutlery products located in Claremont, North Carolina. The company started out in 1992 as a small business specializing in custom-made knives, adapting their skills to fulfill the demand for high-grade pocket knives.

ChipAway Cutlery crafts American designed knives of superior quality made from domestically grown materials. As members of a special private label program, they provide high-quality products and globally competitive pricing for a number of internationally recognized retailers and knife makers. The company proudly manufactures all its products domestically, with the majority of materials coming from domestic sources.

ChipAway Cutlery focuses on ongoing improvement and innovation when it comes to design and construction, ensuring that their products are always up to date with consumer trends and expectations. Using high-grade steels like carbon and stainless steel along with modern sandblasting technologies, they make sure that every product reflects superior craftsmanship as well as style and comfort. Chip Away is fully aware of the challenges faced by an ever-evolving industry in which customers are constantly looking for new features or performance enhancements so they focus on continual development while always keeping customer satisfaction their priority. 

History of Chipaway Cutlery

Chipaway Cutlery was founded in 1987 in a small workshop in the state of Pennsylvania. It began as a humble manufacturer of kitchen knives, but eventually grew to become an iconic brand of cutlery with a global presence.

This article will explore the history of Chipaway Cutlery, from its early days in Pennsylvania to its current status as a worldwide producer of quality kitchen knives

Founded by David and Bob Dyer

Chipaway Cutlery was founded by David and Bob Dyer in North East, Pennsylvania, USA in the early 1970s. A family-run business from day one, the brothers combined their passion for knives and making high-quality products with fine craftsmanship. Chipaway Cutlery brings over four generations of knife design experience to every product it makes.

The brothers developed their own unique process for creating knives – a process which begins with expertly selecting only the highest grade of 440 stainless steel that is then heat treated to a perfect Rockwell hardness of 55c. This world-class steel is then laser cut and expertly ground into shape during a carefully planned sequence that requires skillful expertise. Each knife is then hand assembled with painstaking detail so as to ensure outrageous performance that exceeds factory knife standards every time!

In addition, every Chipaway Cutlery knife also features sawcut handle inserts for a comfortable natural grip as well as precision pivot bushings for smooth open/close operation. Finally, each Chipaway product is etched with the company's logo - testifying its authenticity and quality. Proudly made in Pennsylvania, USA since the mid 70's! 

Early years of operation

Chipaway Cutlery began in the 1950s with owner and master craftsman, Charles "Chip" Beaudoin. Born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1931, Beaudoin developed an appreciation for knives and blades while working with his family on a ranch in western Texas. He eventually returned to his home state of Rhode Island and set up shop to make hunting knives.

Beaudoin took pride in crafting blades that were tough, lightweight and able to hold an edge better than most hunting knives at the time. His original Chipaway Cutlery designs achieved critical acclaim among knife enthusiasts; Chipaway had become almost synonymous with quality knives from then on.

Beaudoin stubbornly stuck to using old-fashioned craftsmanship rather than relying on newer manufacturing technologies; every knife was made by hand, literally from start to finish. Despite this demanding process each blade was perfect every time; no mass production for Chipaway! This commitment to perfection was quickly reflected in the quality of their product line. It wasn’t long before sport pioneers such as Audie Murphy had discovered the majestic beauty of a Chipaway Cutlery blade—the popularity of this line skyrocketed during the ensuing years! 

Manufacturing Process

Chipaway Cutlery is a company based in Buffalo, New York that specializes in handcrafted knife production. They use a unique blend of modern technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship to produce high-quality knives. This article will look into the specific manufacturing process that the company uses to make its knives. 

Use of high-quality materials

Chipaway Cutlery is proud to ensure that all of its products are manufactured using high-quality materials. We strive to use the finest grade materials available, as this allows us to ensure that our products are of superior quality and able to hold up under the rigors of daily use.

Our cutleries are crafted from 440 high-grade stainless steel, which has been heat treated and tempered and then coated with an additional titanium coating for long lasting protection. This combination of mix creates a much thicker blade than other knives on the market, something our customers appreciate. The superior grade stainless steel also prevents rusting and staining, while remaining easy to maintain.

The handle of each Chipaway Cutlery product is made from a composite of several materials, including:

  1. ABS and Polypropylene for strength and durability;
  2. G10 for extreme shock resistance;
  3. Micarta for a nice grip in wet or dry conditions;
  4. Phenolic (high heat resistant) for safety;
  5. Carbon Fiber for increased longevity;
  6. plus additional metals where needed.

The handles are ergonomically designed to give you comfortable operation while providing you with ultimate control and delicate touch.

Because of these materials being used with such quality craftsmanship in manufacturing processes and assembly by third party companies who take great pride in their finished products, Chipaway Cutlery can guarantee our customers many years of enjoyment when properly cared for and maintained properly

Crafting process

Chipaway Cutlery products are proudly handmade in the USA. To ensure each product meets the company quality standards, Chipaway Cutlery has a dedicated team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen who have decades of knowledge and experience in producing their knives.

The crafting process starts with carefully selecting high-grade specialty stainless steel from trusted suppliers. This steel is then machined, hardened, tempered and tested to obtain optimal toughness, hardness and tensile strength. The blade is profiled to accurately match blueprints for each design. Handles are hand crafted from select hardwoods, stabilized polymers or other high performance materials to provide both comfort and durability suitable for any use. For safety reasons, all blades are heat treated to a Rockwell Hardness of 57RC or higher for the highest edge retention and maximum performance even with prolonged use. Each knife is hand sharpened by experienced craftsmen who guarantee superior sharpness through specialized processes such as sharpening on natural stones or wet honing with ceramics or diamond abrasives -all done by hand without the use of modern machinery found in many other factories around the world today.

Chipaway Cutlery's commitment to quality doesn't end when the manufacturing process is complete. Their knives go through extensive testing cycles which include:

  1. Cutting tests
  2. Handling trials
  3. Drop tests – all conducted on state of the art machinery using sophisticated sensors that record data while monitoring vibrations throughout every step of its lifespan before it arrives at your door!

All this goes into providing you with one of finest kitchen knives that money can buy! 

Current Location

The Chipaway Cutlery Company was founded in 1983 in Rochester, New York. For over 35 years, Chipaway has been committed to providing quality kitchenware for chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Since its inception, Chipaway has expanded its operations and now has manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Canada.

In this article, we will discuss the current location of Chipaway Cutlery and why it is important

Manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania

Chipaway Cutlery is proudly manufactured in the USA, in a facility located in Wellington, Pennsylvania. The state-of-the-art production facility features temperature and humidity control for the highest level of quality control. The location has been producing high-quality knives since 2000 and each year, Chipaway Cutlery delivers more than 12 million custom knives for customers around the world.

The Pennsylvania facility is where each of our knives starts its journey from raw materials to finished product and sets the foundation for our commitment to deliver the best performing commercial knives. Whether they are pocket knives, kitchen items, or tactical blades, we set exacting standards that call for precision in every step of production—from designing each knife to perfecting its function and sharpness.

Our experienced team members use state-of-the art technology and are committed to delivering the highest quality product while understanding that craftsmanship plays a vital role in maintaining product excellence. We select premium raw materials and employ cutting edge technology with traditional craftsmanship so that you’re getting long lasting products that you can rely on when it matters most. 

Distribution center in Michigan

Chipaway Cutlery is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and operates from a distribution center in Escanaba. The company's multi-level building houses inventory and shipping, as well as its repair facility for sharpening and refurbishing products back to their original condition. To ensure customers' satisfaction with every shipment, every knife and scissor is checked for quality before it leaves the factory.

Chipaway Cutlery works closely with their retailers across all 50 states to provide knowledgeable customer service that shoppers have come to expect from them. Additionally, the company's website offers direct sales of select products so customers can access a wider variety of knives and scissors ideal for outdoor activities. 


The Chipaway Cutlery Company is based out of Jacksonville, Florida and has been producing fine-quality knives for more than two decades. Utilizing superior technology and expert craftsmanship, Chipaway Cutlery creates custom knives with the highest standards of excellence. All products are produced in the United States in their factory in Jacksonville and they have become a leader in the knife industry.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction is a key factor to the ongoing success of their products worldwide. From hunters and outdoorsmen to kitchen aficionados, Chipaway Cutlery offers desirable knife styles that meet a variety of needs.



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