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18 Best Stove Top Griddles Reviews of 2023 You Should Buy

09 February, 23

It can be tough to cook a huge meal for your friends or loved ones. In the end, a cooker can only hold so many pans. However, armed with a stove top griddle, you are able to cook for everybody.

Stove top griddles are, basically, big flat cooking surfaces around the burners on the stove. You turn the burners on heat up the griddle, and boom, you have a grill. Griddles are fantastic for cooking large amounts of food, but they are also perfect for cooking certain kinds of food onto a completely new level. Meats, fried rice, and pancakes simply cook on a barbecue. And of course, some griddles are non-stick, plus they do not demand a great deal of grease or oil to cook a fantastic meal.

We realize how tricky it can be, particularly when this is your first time, and that is why we’ve researched and researched the 18 best stove top griddles which should fit your cooking requirements. Plus we included a thorough purchasing guide department to make sure you make an educated choice.

List Of 18 Best Stove Top Griddle Reviews

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Another place, yet another Lodge griddle. This version includes a design that is reversible, so it’s a grill on one side and a griddle on the other side. This unit is quite practical as it lets you utilize the griddle for cooking pancakes and skillet, then turn to grill fish and steaks.

Both the sides also come pre-seasoned with the organization’s vegetable oil for fast food release, and it is even getting better with usage. Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle is crafted with cast iron, making this unit lasting and incredibly tough.

This unit is remarkably flexible, which means that you can use it on almost any cooktop – electrical, gas, and induction. Additionally, Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle is dishwasher safe at extreme temperatures. But this version’s prime concern is the lack of a station layout for simple fat draining along with other undesirable fluid for secure and wholesome cooking.

2. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle With Handles

First on our list is your Lodge LPG13 Pro-Grid Cast Iron Reversible 20″x 10″ Grill/Griddle Pan. The product has exceptional heat retention and distribution capability and is large enough to fit into two stovetop burners. 2 easy-grip handles make it effortless to lift, flip, or hang it if it is not being used. A Lodge grill pan is excellent for cooking eggs or sandwiches or grilling steaks and poultry.

When utilizing the skillet, it is recommended that you season it because this provides you with a wonderful taste that will delight your taste buds. Its tough and high-quality construction provides the merchandise with long-lasting durability.

When it’s used on the grill, over a campfire, or in the oven, then it is great to go. We like that it’s simple to keep, all you have to do is clean it with mild soap. Additionally, it may be dried with a lint-free fabric or paper towel.

3. All-Clad 3020 Hard Anodized Aluminum Scratch Resistant Nonstick Griddle

The All-Clad Nonstick Hard-Anodized Grande Griddle is a great selection for those searching for a kitchen company to deal with cooking for a big audience. The hard-anodized surface causes it to be resistant to adhering and provides an attractive contrast to the glossy rivets and manages.

Further, its three-ply structure improves uniform heat distribution, making it a top selection for home cooks and in addition to professional chefs. The stainless steel handles make it is safe to touch while cooking. Additionally, the channel within the increased edge of the pan hastens the fat and juice for simple cleaning.

Coming having a huge surface area, which ought to be more than sufficient to grill a dozen eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, and whatever else on the menu. A All-Clad Nonstick Hard-Anodized Grande Griddle sits across two regular stove top burners.

To make sure your dishes stay healthy, it sports a station along the unit’s perimeter plus a raised border to guarantee fat and juice drain off easily. Concerning construction, this version includes a charcoal-black hard-anodized aluminum outside, making it resistant to chipping, scratching, and peeling.

4. Caannasweis Griddle Pan, Granite Flat Grill Pan for Stove Tops Nonstick

While charcoal smokers tend to be as old school as it’s, that does not imply that none of these have escalated to the 21st century. The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 is an electronic charcoal grill + smoker which unites the mouthwatering flavor from cooking with charcoal and also the simplicity of usage that you find at a gas or electric grill. This baby includes a GravityFed hopper which could hold around 10lbs of lump charcoal or 16lbs of briquettes.

There is an electronic control panel that lets you control temperature and cook time. You might even utilize your smart device to command the unit: simply link it to the grill through WiFi or Bluetooth. There is a fan that helps to ensure that the warm air from the hopper flows into the cooking room and keeps your desired cooking temperature. It can readily reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit for grilling and searing.

Or proceed as low as 225 degrees Fahrenheit for low and slow cooks. Having a fully loaded hopper, it is possible to smoke or grill for up to 12 continuous hours without needing to refuel. Even when you did, loading the hopper is really a breeze. What is more, that this grill-smoker combo includes smoke + sear versatility.

The cast-iron cooking grates are reversible, helping you to sear your meat once required. With this electronic charcoal grill + smoker, you may set it and forget it if the mood appears, or keep your eye on your meats while conversing and drinking.

5. Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart stove top griddle is really pricey, but you are not as likely to regret your investment after you enjoy your morning sandwiches. Make heaps of sandwiches in a jiff and nourish everybody in your home with a healthful breakfast together with the space-saving double burner stove top griddle.

Having a non-prescription interior, you can jump using melted butter or oil to cooking your own sandwiches along with the riveted stick handles will ensure comfortable and secure handling.

6. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware

The heavy-gauge aluminum structure on the stove top griddle pan ensures even heating and cooling can be hard-anodized for durability. Additionally, it makes it dishwasher-safe

Interior contains three layers of nonstick coating – 2 layers offer durability and the next coating provides simple release functionality and heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum for heat The long, brushed stainless steel handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop. Pans and covers are also dishwasher safe, making them ideal for completing a gourmet dish

A large, flat surface provides a maximum cooking space to accommodate a number of servings. Slender lip includes liquids but permits easy accessibility with a spatula.

A lengthy, cast stainless steel handle stays cool while you are cooking on the stovetop. The nonstick surface means that you can cook healthy with less fat, with a simple cleanup.

7. ESLITE LIFE Nonstick Grill Pan for Stove Tops

Grilling in the comfort of Your House is made easier with all the ESLITE LIFE Nonstick Best Grill Pan for Stove Tops with Pour Spouts Induction Compatible. A nonstick stove top griddle ought to provide you the ideal outcome from your grilling responsibilities.

The ESLITE LIFE Nonstick Grill Pan for Stove Tops with Pour Spouts Induction Compatible is coated using high-quality nonstick interior and outside, which provides you an easier method of Placing meats and other grilled meals. With its strengthened die-casted aluminum frame, the surface is break-resistant and will withstand the tests of time.

It’s an innovative design where its parallel edges assist surplus fats and oils to be accumulated on either side. The grill pan also allows the meat to get grill marks for a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance inside out.

8. Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

Additionally, this is an additional distinctive stove top griddle you may have a peek at. The 12-inch square version with 3/4 inch deep sides is the perfect cookware for you. Constructed with cast iron, it cooks quicker and simpler. Asides from its fast-cooking capacities, it cooks evenly without leaving any component of the food raw. You receive uniform cooking and warmth with this wonderful item.
This griddle can nourish largemouths, unlike others. In this, you are able to fit in many different meals simultaneously for cooking. It’s fairly unique in its structure since it owns double handles of another layout. One of the grips is a very long one you can grasp and possess a firm grip while planting or lifting your pancakes.
The next manage comes in handy once you wish to lift it off the stovetop, or you would like to hang the device after using it. It’s a distinctive layout, distinct from the normal round and rectangular stove top griddles. This comes from a traditional square form. It’s a flat base that’ll remain balanced on your stove, grill, or in the oven.

9. Little Griddle GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle with Cross Bracing

Little Griddle is dedicated to providing outside food fans all of the resources they have to make a”wow” experience whilst ensuring that the utmost health of their nearest and dearest. Every item together with the Little Griddle title was created and tested to provide you an enhanced cooking and dining experience.

Yes, should you require a new one that cares about everything you consume, then search no more. The quality that’s Little Griddle is exemplified within its Professional Series Full-Size Stainless Steel BBQ Griddle…

You have got a fantastically if you would like to take it into the outside, cooking good meals that render a memory to cherish. The Professional Series BBQ Griddle consists of 100 percent restaurant-grade stainless steel.

You may be certain that you and your nearest and dearest are not exposed to direct (found in poor products). It is accompanied by a range of qualities that make preparing gourmet meals from the outdoors pleasure.

10. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With Assist Handle

What record would not be complete without the traditional cast iron stove top griddle? This throw bowl is a personal favorite of mine. The Lodge cast iron griddle made it on the cover of the listing for its best-cast iron griddles. The quality is top of the line and I really enjoy this one over the bigger griddles that I utilize.

I must warn you however that these pans are hefty. It is wonderful to utilize heavy pans since you get a small workout until you sit down to eat. The workmanship is top of the line and while I did not need this listing to be lodge merchandise, they surely do have a few of the finest products on the market at the lowest prices.

The stove top griddle pan is pretty far my go-to pan for cooking just about everything. Ever since I made it I fell in love with it and it had been one reason I had been motivated to create a cooking site discussing how amazing cooking using griddles is! The Lodge cast iron griddle made it on the cover of the listing for its best-cast iron griddles.

This pan will not come in many distinct sizes and they may be a little pricey but I guarantee you that it is well worth it. I find that the 8″ pan ideal for cooking eggs for one person and you may even use several pans at once.

11. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Dishwasher safe 11″ Square Griddle

This listing will not be complete without OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro 11″ Square Griddle characterized by a hard-anodized aluminum structure. In this manner, it provides even heat distribution and unbelievable durability with its stainless steel encasing the griddle’s aluminum center.

More to the point, this unit doesn’t have any coating, so that you don’t need to be concerned about the stove top griddle scrubbing, scraping, scratching, and burning off. Because of the sturdy stainless steel construction, this version will not rust with time. Better still, users may soak this pan prior to pitching it into your dishwasher for an effortless cleaning experience.

In addition to this, it sports rolled edges to permit you to pour easily without bending. Again, its contoured handles provide convenient grip and effortless handling without becoming your glove when cooking. That is not all; OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro 11″ Square Griddle is perfect for almost any cooktop surface and will defy an oven temperature up to 430 degrees F.

12. Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle Pan/Flat Grill

This product features a large side unlike the normal side, this attribute allows you to cook with no splatters. The feature also allows you to utilize the merchandise for sauces and for grilling succulent poultry and other snacks.

It’s a non-stick surface; this provides it an exceptional food release whilst at the same time ensuring simple cleanup after use in addition to ensuring that the secure use of the goods.

Anolon 82854 Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Griddle Pan/Flat Grill includes a rubber handle, a quality that makes it comfortable to grip and retains its cool while cooker cooking.

Its double rivets offer you optimum safety, the item also includes a station found in the pan’s perimeter, helps to accumulate and maintain juices and fat, combined with pour spouts for simple drainage of the accumulated liquid.

13. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle

This cast iron griddle brings significant performance to a cooker. It includes reduced sidewalls and ample cooking area sufficient to feed your loved ones and two or three additional pals. It is acceptable for use with a campfire, stovetop, or toaster.

This griddle is experienced with 100% vegetable oil without any artificial or chemical substances. With over 120 decades of expertise, the cast iron is top quality, for more cooking flexibility and life durability.

The massive pan place over two beers, which provide ample area for feeding a crowd or utilize half the stove top griddle for cooking and the other hand to keep the food warm. Additionally, it’s made from cast iron, which ensures high warmth retention and cooks evenly.

14. Emeril Lagasse Dishwasher safe Nonstick Hard Anodized Double Burner Griddle

If you’d like a griddle you can expect, then you need to definitely have a look at the Emeril Lagasse 62929 Double Burner Griddle. Emeril Lagasse is a famous chef, restaurateur, and TV character, so he certainly knows what he is doing in the kitchen. That includes the resources he uses.

This stove top griddle is the best size for using along with your dual burners in addition to your own oven. It’s constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum that makes it possible for the griddle to warm up evenly and quickly. Additionally, it offers a durable, scratch-resistant, triple-layer, nonstick coating for simple cleaning.

Your stickiest foods will not be difficult to wash off the griddle’s surface. The griddle is big enough to cook numerous hamburgers on one side along with other foods such as sauteed bacon and onions to go with your hamburger.

To produce the griddle simple to lift off or on your cooker (and to the toaster if need be), this version includes a riveted stainless steel handle. Better still, this whole issue is dishwasher-safe, which means that you can just pop it into cleaned as you enjoy your meal to the fullest.

15. Chef’s Design Griddle

People who have a glass cooker top understand the issue of locating the ideal griddle for making pancakes without destroying the surface of your stove top.

This is the area where Chef’s Design Griddle can be convenient. This griddle can be ideal for a normal flat top stove and its huge size will nourish the audience.

16. All-Clad pan E7954064 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwaher Safe PFOA Free Square Grill Cookware

For excellent searing capacities, a cooktop grill can not be defeated. When it’s sausage patties or skirt steak, or veggies, just throw it on the top along with the elevated ridges will find those identifying grill marks which make any meal feel like a summertime cookout; regardless of the weather outdoors.

As part of the HA1 Nonstick set, it is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, and also its inside is engineered using 3 layers of high-performing, PFOA-free nonstick coating.

This coating prevents food molecules from clinging to the surface, so it is excellent for fragile or sticky foods. In 11 inches in dimension, it may fit a 32 ounce. T-bone.

Overall, it gives professional durability and performance together with a simple food release that is simple to wash for a handy cooking experience. At the close of the meal, then just set it in the dishwasher or offer it a fast hand washing and it is ready for another one.

17. TeChef – Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan

Bid farewell to sticky stove top grills if you opt for the TeChef – Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan. Among the best stove top griddle on the market now does not violate the bank and performs impressively.

The TeChef – Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan isn’t your normal stove top griddle. It’s coated five occasions with Teflon print layouts which are PFOA safe.

Innovative design makes this product striking enough to be advocated for the majority of customers, and its own distinctive swirl design permits the oil to drain gradually on the sides to have a deeper flavor.

The item can be verified oven and dishwasher safe for up to 450F, providing you outstanding quality and functionality at a minimum cost.

18. STANSPORT – Cast Iron Reversible Griddle for Stove Top and Grill

Last but certainly not least, on the scale, this version sizzles your meals in this manner your desire will be aroused. It sports either side that is smooth and may be used for sausage or eggs, whereas the other hand is ribbed and may be used to grill steaks, hamburgers, or pork chops.

15 inches using a square shape, this stove top griddle is big enough to cook for the entire family. Being constructed from cast iron empowers it to evenly disperse heat and keep food warm for quite a long moment.

The inside was pre-seasoned to make cooking simple, without adhering. You ought to, nevertheless, coat with oil after use to keep the non-stop status. It is possible to use it on a grill top, stove top, and on a campfire. Additionally, it has a lavish design which makes it compatible with other kitchen accessories.

Buying Guide for the Best Stove Top Griddle

For individuals not positive if buying the best stove top griddle is the correct choice or the nay-sayers, here are a couple of quick reasons to affect your choice:


If it comes to stove top griddle, its cooking surface’s dimensions are the most noticeable characteristic measured in square inches. But, big griddles are favored because they enable users to cook little or massive servings.

Additionally, large women may be used more than 1 stove burner, enabling you to cook in various heat zones. In this manner, it is possible to cook one side and apply the other hand low heat for meal heating.

Do not get me wrong small-size griddles may be the best option for starters as they’re more affordable or for people seeking to cook little serving.


Another vital aspect to put into account when buying a stove top griddle is that the substance used in building the griddle. The most widely used substance is thick gauge aluminum, which is normally anodized and coated with superior nonstick material. This produces the cookware corrosion-free and simple to wash.

Another prime benefit is that aluminum makes the cookware lightweight. Regrettably, these aluminum griddles aren’t induction harmonious. Additionally, it might be advisable if you believed griddles which are metal utensils secure to prevent scratching of the coating.

On the other hand, cast iron griddles are stronger and tougher. They may also be employed on almost any cooktops, such as induction. Regrettably, they’re on the other hand and will need to season after every use to enhance the griddle’s non-invasive property.


Many stove top griddles have a level cooking surface; a few versions on earnings include a reversible cooking coating that lets you grill on either side and griddle on the other.

This layout will always come in convenient and provide very good value for the money.

Oven-safe Temperature

If you would like to use the cookware on your oven, then you want to inspect the griddle’s temperature security range. Some goods are oven safe up to 500 degrees F, while some can not handle high temperatures, particularly aluminum versions.


Simply speaking, stove top griddles are among those must-haves for almost any kitchen as they are best for making cooking and breakfast for big servings without wasting time.

The very best stovetop griddles are durable, sturdy, nonstick, dishwasher, and oven safe have to ease of use and upkeep whilst at the same time ensuring that your meals come out just like this of a chef.

Pick any of the best stovetop griddles reviewed within this listing and revel in cooking your favorite dish. But, ensure you contemplated the advantages and disadvantages of each version to make sure that you’re okay with all the tradeoffs.


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