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How to Display Plastic Cutlery

06 January, 23

Gather Materials

Before you begin to display your plastic cutlery, it's important to gather the materials which you will need. This includes the plastic cutlery itself, a tray, a shallow bowl, a table cloth, and any extra decorations you might like to add. Make sure all materials are in good condition and ready to be used.

Once you have gathered everything, you can start the next step of displaying your plastic cutlery. 

Purchase plastic cutlery

When setting up for an event, you may need to display plastic cutlery for your guests. To make sure you have enough cutlery for your event, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for disposable plastic cutlery.

  1. Determine the total number of guests that are attending and how many sets of forks and spoons each person will need for their meal. Calculate the total number of spoons and forks required, then add an additional 10-15% just in case. If necessary, you can always return any uncutlerized pieces after the event is over.
  2. Decide which type of plastic cutlery would look best with your table setting. Choose from styles in different colors and sizes - silverware may be available in heavier materials or detailed designs as well as lightweight plastic varieties that are available in simple shapes and hues. Consider whether it needs to be heat-resistant or extra-durable – these details can help narrow down your choices quickly.
  3. Shop around to find the best price on plastic cutlery sets - compare prices between party supply stores, online retailers and full-service vendors like restaurant supplies companies or major retailers who may offer discount pricing on bulk orders. Make sure you factor in any applicable taxes and shipping costs if purchasing online before making your final purchase decision to ensure you’re getting a good deal overall. 

Gather additional materials such as plates and napkins

In addition to the plastic cutlery, you will also need a few other items such as dinner plates and flatware-style plastic utensils. Additional items to gather for proper display include napkins, condiments (e.g., salt and pepper shakers, sugar pumpkin dishes) and tablecloth or placemats, depending on your presentation preferences. Make sure to measure the dining table ahead of time so that you can choose dinnerware accordingly. Consider using different colors or patterns in order to create visual interest with your display. 

Prepare the Display

Displaying plastic cutlery in the most attractive way possible is key to successful presentation. It’s important to consider the colors, shapes, sizes, and materials when planning your display. Whether you're displaying cutlery in a store or a tradeshow, you'll need to take several factors into account to ensure a successful presentation. Let's get started. 

Arrange the plates, napkins, and cutlery in an attractive display

When setting out your table display, strategically arranging plastic cutlery is key for it to be attractive and inviting. To do this:

  1. Start by placing a napkin over the edge of the plate.

  2. Then place a knife and fork – both tines facing up – in the center of the napkin in an inverted U shape with enough space between them for guests to remove easily as needed.

  3. Finally, arrange a spoon at the 4 o'clock position. It should be placed with its bowl pointing up, towards the top right corner of the plate and its handle should be closest to you so that it is easy to grab.

    This type of presentation can help bring continuity and order to your gathering while shining a spotlight on the plastic cutlery by making it stand out against your backdrop. Guests will appreciate being able to quickly find their silverware without wasting time searching around or digging through cluttered drawers or baskets. 

    Place the cutlery in the center of the display

    When preparing a cutlery display, the key is to first make sure the product stands out. Start by selecting a base that provides contrast. Tray liners, placemats and decorative paper can be used for contrast and to create an eye-catching display.

    Once you’ve chosen a base, it's time to arrange the cutlery in the center of the display. For added visual appeal, select contrasting colors or mix different styles of products to add texture and layers of interest. When arranging your cutlery in the center of the display, think about color coordination and organization based on size or style. For example, put all your forks together, then arrange knives at one end, spoons in the middle and any other specialty items at either end. Neglecting shape or combining different forms of cutlery can appear busy or overwhelming to customers who are shopping for these items.

    When you have arranged your cutlery in center of the display using effectively coordinated colors and shapes together with contrasting decor accents, you should be pleased with overall appearance! Customers will appreciate being able to find their desired item more easily as they shop among tables full of interesting displays set up with attention-grabbing designs. 

    Secure the Display

    Having a neat and secure plastic cutlery display is essential as it ensures that it stays in place and looks clean and tidy. There are several ways to secure the display such as using magnets, adhesives, or even using special holders.

    This article will look at different ways to secure the display and how to make sure it looks professional and organized

    Use tape or glue to secure the display in place

    When displaying plastic cutlery in a presentation, it’s important to secure the display in place so it won't shift during transport or set up. Securing the display is also essential for preventing accidents such as someone tripping on the display, which could cause injury.

    Tape or glue can be used to adhere the display to a counter top, table or other surface. Different types of tape may be better suited for different surfaces and applications. For example, double-sided scotch tape is great for adhering light displays to surfaces like tile and wood. Heavy-duty adhesive tape like duct tape has a stronger hold for heavier displays, and it can also be used on carpeted surfaces.

    Gluing the plastic cutlery display to its destination is an alternative option that provides an increased level of security while also offering more aesthetic appeal than taping methods. Specialized glues such as silicone adhesives are often used when sticking nonporous items to similar substrates because of their improved performance over traditional craft glues; however, silicone typically takes longer to dry than craft glues—anywhere from 8-24+ hours depending on humidity levels and how much product was applied —so plan ahead if you choose this method.

    Securing your plastic cutlery displays with tape or glue will ensure that your presentation goes off without a hitch! 

    Add decorations such as ribbons or bows to add to the display

    Ribbons and bows can be used to decorate a plastic cutlery display while also making sure it is secure. They can help to lessen the unsightly appearance of the plastic, as well as add color and texture.

    The first step when using ribbons or bows to decorate a plastic cutlery display is to measure the length that is needed to cover the item or items. If a longer piece of ribbon is used, it can be adjusted or trimmed at both ends. To ensure that the ribbons are not visible after being put into the display, allow for some extra length when measuring and then trim away any excess afterwards.

    When adding several decorations to one display, consider alternating colors, textures and widths for each one for an interesting effect. For example, two short lengths of lacy ribbon along with one long flat ribbon could help to break up a plain presentation. In addition, you may want to consider tying up any decoration with wire instead of string unless you plan on leaving that additional length in place as part of your design scheme.

    To keep decorations from slipping out of their intended locations within a cutlery display, use small but strong magnets underneath each one for extra security and strength if the material permits this type of usage. Additionally, glue dots or double-sided tape between layers can create better bonding in cases where there may not be enough physical contact between components in order for held items to stay attached. 

    Place the Display

    Displaying plastic cutlery properly is essential in order to attract customers and create an inviting atmosphere in your dining facility. There are several key considerations to take into account when deciding on the best way to arrange your plastic cutlery, such as size, color, and presentation. This article will explore the steps you can take to create the perfect plastic cutlery display in your restaurant.

    Here are the steps you can take to create the perfect plastic cutlery display:

    1. Choose the right size of cutlery for your restaurant.
    2. Consider the color of the cutlery and how it will match the decor.
    3. Organize the cutlery in an aesthetically pleasing way.
    4. Make sure the cutlery is clean and free of any debris.
    5. Place the cutlery in a visible area. 

    Place the display in a visible area

    When deciding where to place your plastic cutlery display, you must consider the visibility of the display in order to meet sales and branding objectives. You want customers to have easy access to the products, but if placed in an overwhelming area when customers are making their purchases, they may feel overwhelmed by choices.

    It is important that all displays have at least some visibility and that they are featured prominently in the customer's field of vision. Displaying the plastic cutlery in high traffic areas such as checkout counters or end caps is a great way to increase customer awareness and ultimately resulting in more sales.

    When determining where to place your display, keep these tips in mind:

    1. Ensure it has visibility;
    2. Keep it away from competing products;
    3. Maintain consistent visits for maintenance;
    4. Monitor sales trends over time;
    5. Align displays with store look and feel;
    6. Rotate displays regularly for added impact;
    7. Test product mixes ahead of time;
    8. Use color-coded signs for product information.

    By following these guidelines, you can ensure you get maximum visibility for your plastic cutlery display. 

    Ensure the display is secure and won't move or fall over

    When setting up the display, it is important to make sure that it is secure and won’t move or fall over. Proper placement is essential for a smooth, safe setup and for avoiding injuries or damage. The following tips will help you ensure your display is secure:

    1. Utilize an appropriate size table. Make sure the table you are using is large enough and strong enough to support the full weight of the supplies, including plastic cutlery, plates and napkins.
    2. Sturdy base. To prevent movement or tipping, place the table on a flat, sturdy surface that won’t wobble when touched such as a low rug/mat or non-slip matting. Consider adding sandbags or rocks around the edges of smaller tables for extra stability in windy areas.
    3. Secure down tablecloth corners. Utilize table weights to keep all four corners of the tablecloth securely in place on windy days.
    4. Set up away from traffic flow paths or areas where people congregate – like dance floors – so that no one trips over it during the event/activity.
    5. Readjust if necessary throughout duration of activity to maintain safety - if there has been significant activity near the display which causes it to start moving more than usual (especially smaller displays), readjust again as soon as possible and check frequently throughout event/activity duration. 

    Maintain the Display

    When it comes to displaying plastic cutlery, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s important to keep the cutlery organized and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it’s important to keep a consistent display that matches your overall decor. In this section, we will discuss the best way to organize and maintain a plastic cutlery display. 

    Check the display regularly for any damages or deterioration

    Periodic visual inspections of plastic cutlery displays are essential to ensure the products are still in good condition and look attractive for customers. During these inspections it is important to look out for any damages or deterioration, as this could negatively affect both the appeal of the display and product safety.

    Check for:

    1. Broken or cracked plastic
    2. Uneven surfaces on cutlery pieces
    3. Discoloration of plastics, indicating oxidation from excessive exposure to UV light
    4. Dirty surfaces due to lack of cleaning
    5. Sharp edges from mishandling or wear and tear

    If any damage is found it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible in order to maintain a safe and presentable display. Any pieces that fail to meet necessary standards should be discarded safely, adhering to local regulations. In addition, areas around the display should be cleaned frequently in order to prevent dirt build up and avoid allergens contaminating products. 

    Replace any damaged items as needed

    It is important to frequently inspect the plastic cutlery display for any items that may have become damaged and need to be replaced. This may include chips or cracks in the material from excessive wear or mishandling, or signs of discoloration due to exposure to air, light, and excessive temperatures.

    Any plastic cutlery items that are cracked, discolored, melted, chipped, warped or scratched should be removed and discarded right away. This helps ensure not only aesthetic appeal but also that all products remain safe for use. Take note of any item that needs to be replaced so you can accurately replenish the stock during your next order cycle.

    Be sure to check in with the manufacturer regarding any recalled products they may be aware of as well.


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