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How to Wrap Silverware in a Napkin

09 January, 23

Gather Supplies

Wrapping your silverware in a napkin can be a simple and stylish way to present it for a dinner party. To wrap silverware, you will need a flat napkin, silverware, and a rubber band. Once you have gathered all the supplies, you can begin the process of wrapping:

  1. Lay the napkin flat.
  2. Place the silverware in the center of the napkin.
  3. Fold the napkin over the silverware.
  4. Secure the napkin with the rubber band.


For the supplies, you'll need several sets of silverware and an ample supply of cloth or paper napkins. Ideally, each set of utensils should include a dinner fork, a salad fork, a dinner knife, and teaspoon and soup spoon. It's also possible to wrap additional pieces such as fish forks or butter knives if desired.

The size of the napkin should be proportionate to the length of the silverware in order to achieve a neat finished look with all components tucked in properly. Use square napkins which have been pressed flat and folded into quarters for each set. Another great idea is to choose colors that coordinate with your color scheme or dinnerware selection; this will give your tablescape an extra special touch!


Once a formal table setting is chosen, it's important to select the correct size napkin to use for wrapping the silverware. For an informal meal, small 5-inch by 5-inch square napkins should be used. Although, larger napkins in the size of 7-inch by 7-inch can be used for a more sophisticated and elegant look.

If possible, choose a color or pattern that matches or complements the table décor, or even match the ribbon used for decorating chair backs. In addition to selecting solid colors for the simpler wrapped look, try using flourish patterns – bold stripe patterns add a festive touch and swirls help deliver subtle drama. If embellishing with something other than ribbon, choose something that won't overpower such as pearls or fabric flowers to top off each bundle. Some individuals may also want to include charms or charms hang tags on each bundle; if desired make sure they are very light in weight as they can add up quickly if multiple place settings are needed.

When selecting supplies be sure all items mesh well together not only in color or pattern but also texturally – try combining knots with ribbons of different widths to give a unique texture difference – and create something truly unique!

Preparing the Napkin

Preparing the napkin is key to creating a neat, well-presented silverware wrap. The napkin should be of a suitable size such that the silverware can fit neatly inside. The napkin should also be ironed and neatly folded in the way you'd like to present it. The size and quality of the napkin is essential for a professional looking wrap.

Now, let's discuss the best way to wrap the silverware:

Fold the napkin in half

Folding your napkin can add an attractive touch to any table setting or presentation. To properly fold the napkin, start by laying the napkin out flat on a clean surface. If it is a square or round napkin, fold it in half along its longest side, forming a rectangle. If it is already rectangular, then simply move on to the next step.

After the napkin is folded in half, use your hands to smooth out all creases and align each edge of the napkin evenly. Next, lift up one side of your folded napkin and turn it 90 degrees until it stands upright in front of you. Set the other side down and you're ready to proceed with wrapping your silverware!

Fold the napkin in thirds

Folding the napkin in thirds is a great way to quickly and neatly dress the silverware. Start with a square or rectangular napkin and fold it into a rectangle by bringing the two short ends together, then fold it in half again until all edges meet and you have three, uniform folds on top of one another. After folding in thirds, place the silverware at one end of the folded napkin and begin rolling it until all contents are enclosed securely inside.

When finished, the neatly arranged bundle should look like a traditional burrito with smooth wrapped edges that are clean and professional looking.

Place the silverware in the center

Once you have selected your napkin, simply place it crosswise or flat on a table or other flat surface.

Place the dinner fork and dinner knife side-by-side in the center of the napkin, with the tines of the fork facing up and the blade of the knife facing down. The handle of each can be slightly pointing away from one another, toward either upper corner of the napkin.

Finally, place a spoon for a dessert course (or just for show) next to and slightly beneath each dinner item. If there is no dessert course, feel free to omit this step.

Wrapping the Silverware

Wrap a napkin around your silverware to create a neat and finished look for your table setting. It's a simple yet elegant way to present your silverware. Plus, wrapping the silverware in napkins also helps to keep your silverware clean.

There are many different ways to wrap the silverware in napkins, so let's look at some of the most popular methods:

Fold the top of the napkin over the silverware

Once the silverware has been placed onto the napkin, hold both items in one hand and gently fold over the top portion of the napkin. The goal is to create a secure seal so that all silverware remains in place when handed to a guest or served. If needed, use your free hand to press down lightly on the edges of the napkin while you are folding it over to make sure everything is secure.

Wrap the sides of the napkin around the silverware

To begin, take a napkin and fold it in two. Place the silverware in the middle of the napkin lengthwise, with a fork on one side and a knife on the other. The handle of each utensil should face up. Wrap the sides of the napkin around the silverware, so that each side is gently tucked in and forms two neat ends. The ends should be on top of one another without overlapping; this will ensure that none of your silverware is exposed when you present it to your guests.

If you are using a square cloth napkin, wrap one end over the silverware first and then fold the other end over it. To finish off your presentation, tidy up any edges that may have frayed; look for small openings or gaps so that nothing escapes from your careful wrapping job.

Secure the silverware with a twist

Once the napkin has been folded and properly wrapped around the silverware, it's time to secure them with a twist. To do so, tuck 1-2 inches of napkin with the silverware inside over one side of the bundle, and then take the opposite side and wrap it around once. Take both ends that are now together on one side and tightly twist them in opposite directions several times.

Ensure that all ends are tucked underneath your bundle to secure them in place. This technique will help keep the silverware from slipping out from your neatly wrapped napkin bundle. You don't have to use an overly tight twist, but securing it with one will help keep everything tidy during service.

Finishing Touches

When serving a meal, the finishing touches are just as important as the food itself. A neatly wrapped silverware can really add to the sophistication of the setting and make the meal look even more appetising. Here, we will look at the steps involved in wrapping silverware in a napkin:

  1. Lay the napkin flat on the table.
  2. Place the silverware in the center of the napkin.
  3. Fold the top of the napkin over the silverware.
  4. Fold the left and right sides of the napkin over the silverware.
  5. Fold the bottom of the napkin up and over the silverware.
  6. Secure the silverware in the napkin with a napkin ring.

Add a decorative ribbon

Once the bundle of silverware is wrapped with your chosen napkin, you can add a decorative touch before presenting it in the table setting. There are several ways that you can add ribbons, cords and other adornments to finish off the look.

  1. If using a fabric napkin, tie off one end of the bundle with colorful ribbon or cord for a neat and attractive presentation. Use thinner ribbon for more delicate bundles, and a wider ribbon for larger wraps. For an even more ornate look, use wrapped wire or a formal satin bow around the napkin to secure your bundle of cutlery.
  2. If you’re short on time or unable to find decorative cords and ribbons quickly, simply tuck in one end of your fabric napkin securely into your bundle like wrapping paper around a gift and omit any additional decorations.

For special occasions such as weddings or dinner parties, consider adorning each silverware set with artificial flowers. These charming additions complete the presentation while adding an elegant touch to any table setting. Artificial flowers should be clasped in place over each seating's rolled cutlery before presenting them on top of dinner plates – be sure not to wrap them inside the finished bundle as they may become crushed during dinner service.

With these finishing touches, you’ll be delighted with how professional-looking these cute handmade bundles will appear at each guest’s seat!

Place a sprig of greenery

After your silverware is rolled in the napkin, you may choose to add a final touch of decoration with a sprig of greenery. For example, a small sprig of rosemary can give your table setting an herbal and woody aroma that is sure to linger in your guests’ memories after dinner. Alternatively, you can use parsley for an earthly fragrance, or lavender for a hint of floral sweetness. Even some colorful small blossoms such as pansies or geraniums infiltrated among the silverware can be just lovely.

Take care not to go overboard with the herbs or flowers you choose – aim for a subtle complement that doesn’t overwhelm the napkins and draw too much attention away from the dinner plates. The perfect finishing touch should act as an enhancement, not become the main attraction at your dinner table!


Presentation is everything when it comes to properly wrapping silverware in a napkin. Having a neat, clean and presentable napkin roll can really make the difference when trying to impress guests. But with so many different methods of rolling a napkin, it can be hard to know which one is the right one for when you want to a make a good impression.

In this article, we will cover the different ways of rolling a napkin and how to make sure it looks just right:

Place the wrapped silverware on a plate

Once your silverware is neatly and securely wrapped in a napkin, it's time to place it on a plate. Make sure the silverware looks neat and attractive by flipping it over so the portion of the napkin visible is even and smooth. You can also arrange the silverware in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with knives as the tallest items and any spoons side by side.

It's also important to center the plate on its stemware. This can be done by matching up all edges of the plate with corresponding points on their stemware such as where its base meets its stem or bowl. Once everything is centered and looking neat, you are now ready to bring your presentation to your guests!

Arrange the plate with other dishes

Arranging the plate with other dishes is an essential step in setting a place for the guest. First, arrange the plate on top of a clean dinner napkin. This will provide your presentation with stability and will also add an extra layer to make cleanup easier.

Next, carefully lay out each piece of silverware in the order that is indicated by the protocol of your event (fork on left, spoon and/or knife on right). Make sure to align all pieces so that they rest evenly across the plate. For a more formal presentation, you can tie each silverware piece together with a single twist of natural twine or ribbon.

Finally, carefully fold up the sides of the napkin so that it wraps around each piece of silverware and holds it securely in place. Congratulations! Your plate is now perfectly set and ready to serve.


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